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Six Months in Heaven

Today is a very emotional day for us – as of today our beautiful Allison Ruth has spent six months in Heaven.  It has been a hard six months, and compared to the ten short months we had her with us it seems to have been unusually long.

We miss her.  We miss her sweet smile, her beautiful eyes, and her giggles.  We miss her cuddles and her kisses.  We miss how much she loved and cared for people.

We are so heartbroken to have lost her.  But we are soo proud!  Proud of who she was and who she taught us to be.  Proud of how she inspired us to begin the Princess Alli Foundation to help other families who, like ours, may find themselves in and out of the hospital with a medically-complex child.

Today is a hard day for us, but it is also a very good day.  Today, on our 13th trip to Lansing since we started this adventure, we delivered our 525th care package to Sparrow Hospital.  525 is HUGE, and it isn’t just a care package count, it’s a PEOPLE count.  And it’s those people that matter to us, just like they mattered to our sweet Allison.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us reach this milestone.  Every dollar, every bottle of water, bar, or pudding, every LIKE or share has made this possible.

We love you all.

The Russcher Family


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  1. Paula says:

    Aw, 6 months. And today my princess Alli foundation shirts came!!

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