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September 2015 Updates

Thank you for visiting the Princess Alli Foundation!  Here are our September 2015 Updates.  Please let us know if you would like to get involved! On Wednesday, September 9 we delivered our 725th care package to Sparrow Hospital!  Thank you so much for helping us provide treats to these families.  We continue to receive feedback from the hospital and from families that receive our care packages.  Your donations are appreciated so very much! We are currently hosting an “online party” for Origami Owl jewelry!  The proceeds from your purchase will be generously donated back to the Princess Alli Foundation!  Check out our Facebook Page for more information. On August 30 […]

Vendors are Needed for our Holiday Care Package Campaign

VENDORS ARE NEEDED FOR OUR HOLIDAY CARE PACKAGE CAMPAIGN The Princess Alli Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity based out of Olivet, MI. We bring care packages with food and toiletry items to the families of inpatient children at Sparrow Hospital in memory of Allison Ruth Russcher. Being inpatient during the holidays can be very hard on families. This year, the Princess Alli Foundation would like to make sure pediatric families at Sparrow receive extra special care packages with food, toiletries, and small treats to help brighten their spirits. We are looking for local organizations, Artisans, and business owners that can help us bring the holidays to the hospital for […]

Progress! The First Two Months

The Princess Alli Foundation has made great progress in the first two months since it was formed!  Here’s an recap of what we’ve been up to: On May 26, 2015 our Articles of Incorporation were accepted and filed by the State of Michigan, making the Princess Alli Foundation a registered nonprofit corporation. In June we held our first official Board Meeting as a corporation and adopted our Bylaws and put our operational procedures in place.  This was a HUGE step towards our 501(c)(3) public charity classification. We’ve spent countless hours DREAMING BIG – there are so many things we want to do to help the families of children with illnesses in […]

Care Package Donations <3

Our care packages are the heart of our mission to support the families of children with illnesses, so we are thrilled that it has only been a few short weeks since we introduced the Princess Alli Foundation on our Facebook page and already we’ve received several food and toiletry donations! We’ve been able to support 80 families at Sparrow Hospital this month, and we’ll need your help to ensure we can continue to fill 40 bags each week! Our Current Needs Are: Granola bars Individually wrapped snacks (such as peanuts, crackers, popcorn, applesauce or fruit cups, or cookies) Gum, mints, or individually wrapped candies Bottled water Microwavable soups, ramen cups, Easy Mac Brown paper […]