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NICU Throwback Monday

Throwback Monday

A little #throwbackMonday to our Sparrow Hospital days with Allison. This particular visit was about a week long after a scary CPR event at home. Over the course of the week I was able to leave our hospital room just a handful of times – a couple of quick showers, a couple of runs down the hall for coffee or pop from the machine, and a few chance meals from the cafeteria when a Child Life volunteer was able to sit with Alli. The rest of the time I relied on a few snacks brought up by friends and the two “light meal” trays a day provided by the hospital to get by. That’s it! Not enough to sustain a stressed-out mom for 20+hours a day! And we had it so much better than some families!

We are soo glad to be able to help other Lansing area families that find themselves inpatient with sudden or chronic health issues. Thank you to everyone who helps make our weekly snack and toiletry deliveries to Sparrow possible! Your support makes a world of a difference to these families! 



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